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Metrolina Control Line Society

Approved  update by MCLS membership March 28, 2009

ARTICLE 1: Club Name

A Name : Metrolina Control Line Society (MCLS)

B Location
David B. Waymer Aeromodeler Flying Field (Waymer Field)
15401 Holbrooks Road
Huntersville, NC 28078

ARTICLE 2: Purpose

A Promote fellowship and the building and flying of control line model aircraft; Manage MCLS activities to meet those objectives.

B Promote model aviation safety, following AMA guidelines and rules

ARTICLE 3: AMA Charter & Affiliation

A MCLS is a chartered club of the Academy of Model Aeronautics (AMA)
B MCLS and the Flying Aces Pilots Association (FAPA) have jointly formed Waymer Aeromodeler Chapter of AMA (WACAMA)

C MCLS is affiliated with the Mecklenburg County Park and Recreation (MCP&R) Department through WACAMA. WACAMA has a contract with MCP&R which allows FAPA and MCLS to jointly operate Waymer Field

ARTICLE 4: Membership

A Active Member Qualifications
• Membership is open to all persons with an interest in the purpose, activities, and objectives of MCLS
• MCLS Members must have a current AMA license. MCLS membership is invalidated by a lapse of AMA membership
• Membership does not include an Annual Pass to Waymer Field. Waymer Field passes may be purchased through WACAMA
• Membership applications are subject to the approval of the MCLS Board of Directors
• Memberships are from Jan 1st to Dec 31st each year. Members who join MCLS October 1st through December 31st are considered to have paid their dues for the following year
B Junior / Senior Member Qualifications
• Junior / Senior members are those who meet the qualifications for active members, and hold a current AMA Junior or Senior license
• Junior / Senior members are not required to pay MCLS dues
C Associate Member Qualifications
• A associate member is a relative or friend of an active member, but who does not fly models as a part of MCLS activities
• associate members:
▫ are not required to pay club dues
▫ are not required to have a current AMA license
D Lifetime Member Status
• The Board of Directors may designate a person who has made a significant contribution of time, money, or effort for the benefit of MCLS as a Lifetime Member
• Lifetime Members pay no further club dues
• Non-flying Lifetime Members do not need a current AMA license
E Resignation: Any member may resign his/her membership by giving written or e-mail notice to the MCLS Secretary

ARTICLE 5: Board Of Directors and Officers

A Board of Directors
• The Board of Directors consists of five (5) members: current MCLS officers; immediate past President; director-at-large appointed by the President
• The president will appoint director(s)-at-large as needed maintain a five member board
• The Board of Directors manages MCLS affairs with authority to establish and administer MCLS policies
• Official Board of Director decisions are made by two-thirds (2/3) majority vote of a quorum of the Board of Directors
• A quorum consists of 50% of the Board members
B Elected Officers
• President – Duties
▫ Preside at MCLS meetings
▫ Act as the primary spokesperson for MCLS
▫ Appoint committee chairmen and replacement appointed officers as necessary
▫ Ensure club members are informed, either personally or via other officers, of all MCLS issues
• Vice President – Duties
▫ Preside at MCLS meetings when the president is absent
▫ Perform duties as assigned by the president
• Secretary / Treasurer – Duties
▫ Keep minutes of each MCLS meeting
▫ Keep records of MCLS income, disbursements, and treasury balance
▫ Maintain a file of all MCLS records
▫ Collect and be responsible for all MCLS dues, fees, and other monies
▫ Make all authorized disbursements
C Appointed Officers
• Safety Officer – Duties
▫ Be responsible for ensuring safety regulations are followed
▫ Use the AMA grievance form and AMA grievance procedures to report observed or reported safety violations to the Board of Directors for further action
• Newsletter Editor – Duties
▫ Publish a monthly newsletter of past and future MCLS activities
▫ Distribute the newsletter via email (postal service for non e-mail capable members)
▫ Distribute an abbreviated newsletter, without financial information, to an “interested parties” list maintained by the newsletter editor
• Information Management Officer – Duties
▫ The Secretary may serve as the information management officer, or the president may appoint someone to the position
▫ Maintain and distribute information in a database or spreadsheet format:
• Contest information for the Contest Director’s needs: pre-registration, contest results, AMA contest reporting
• Membership list (e-mail, telephone, address) for the Secretary / Treasurer, newsletter editor, and active members mailings
• AMA Certified Contest Director (CD) – Duties
▫ Obtain the AMA contest sanction for each contest
▫ Obtain the AMA insurance document for the field
▫ Notify MCP&R and other Waymer field model clubs of contest dates
▫ Prepare all documents needed to advertise and run the contest
▫ Comply with all AMA CD duties, paperwork, and dispute resolution
• WACAMA Representatives – Duties
▫ Solicit input from MCLS members and officers for WACAMA action regarding use, improvements, maintenance, rules, or other Waymer Field related issues
▫ Represent MCLS interests at WACAMA meetings
▫ Provide feedback regarding MCP&R and WACAMA Waymer Field rulings and plans to the MCLS Board of Directors
▫ Notify the MCLS president when not available for WACAMA meetings so a substitute can represent MCLS
• Special Purpose Committee Members – Duties
▫ The President may form committees as needed for any MCLS purpose
▫ Appointed members carry out the functions necessary for the accomplishment of the assigned task(s)
▫ Committee members will serve throughout the president’s term or until their mission is completed
ARTICLE 6: Terms of Office

A Duration
• Elected officers serve for a period of two (2) years
• Officers serve from the first (1st) day of April until last day of March of the second year of their term
• Appointed officers serve at their convenience and may be carried over following election of new officers
B Filling Vacancies
• The Vice President will fill a vacancy in the office of President
• The President will appoint member(s) to fill any other vacancies

ARTICLE 7: Election of Officers

A Slate of Officers
• The Board of Directors will prepare a recommended slate of candidates in February of elections years
• The slate of candidates will be presented to the MCLS membership in the March issue of the newsletter
• At the March club meeting of election years, the floor will be open to any additional nominations (with the prior consent of the nominee)
B Election Procedure
• The President will conduct the election at the regular March MCLS meeting, handing out ballots if required
• Any member unable to attend the meeting may vote by e-mail or regular mail (to the Secretary), at any time after the slate of candidates has been published, but prior the election at the meeting
• The Secretary will tally the mailed in and current votes, announcing the new officers at the meeting. A simple majority of the submitted votes is required for election
• If no candidate receives a majority, the Secretary will arrange a run-off election between the two candidates receiving the most votes. The run-off election will be held by e-mail / USPS mail to assure that each member has an opportunity to vote

ARTICLE 8: Meetings

A All regularly scheduled meetings are held at Waymer Field, the fourth Saturday of each month, unless the officers notify the members of a change of location or dates
B The agenda will include
• Call to order
• Recognition of guests or new members
• Minutes of previous meeting
• Secretary / Treasurer report
• Committee report(s)
• Unfinished business
• New business
• General discussion (“show and tell”, open floor)
• Adjourn
C Special meetings
• The officers may call a special meeting of the membership if they feel there are items too urgent to wait for the next regular meeting
• The officers will give five days notice of the meeting time and place, and submit a special meeting agenda

ARTICLE 9: Audits

A Two members of the Board of Directors (or their designees from the membership) will audit the Treasurer’s books annually, after the end of the MCLS fiscal year
B The auditors will present the audit results at the first meeting following the audit

ARTICLE 10: Financial

A Dues
• Active membership dues are $20 per year payable by December 31st of the preceding year
• Junior / Senior members, associate members, and lifetime members are not required to pay dues
B Contributions
• The treasurer is authorized to accept contributions or other funds from any individual or institution
• All such funds are added to the general treasury
C President’s Fund
• The Treasurer will provide a discretionary spending allowance fund of $100 to the President at the start of the president’s term
• The fund is intended for miscellaneous MCLS expenses, such as copying expenses, contest materials, meeting supplies, and other small but necessary items
• The President will provide receipts to the Treasurer as funds are used. The Treasurer will reimburse the President for the amount of the receipts to maintain the fund at $100
• The outgoing President will return any remaining funds and receipts to the Treasurer
D Fiscal Year
• The MCLS fiscal year begins March 1st and ends the last day of February each year
• The MCLS fiscal year is based on normal dates of income (contests and dues) and dates of major expenses (contests)
ARTICLE 11: Amendments to the Bylaws

A Originating an Amendment
• Any member may propose, in writing, an amendment to the bylaws at an MCLS meeting
• The newsletter editor will include the proposed amendment in the next newsletter
B Approval
• The club will vote to approve, deny, to table, the proposed amendment at the meeting following the proposal
• Votes to table an amendment automatically puts the proposed amendment on the following month’s meeting
• Any member unable to attend the meeting may vote by e-mail or regular mail (to the Secretary), at any time after the proposed amendment has been published, candidates has been published, but prior the election at the meeting
• The Secretary will tally the mailed in and current votes, announcing if the amendment has passed at the meeting
• A 2/3 majority of the submitted votes is required for passage
• The Secretary will modify and distribute revised bylaws if the amendment passes

ARTICLE 12: Grievance Procedure (Flight and Ground Safety Rules)

A Purpose and Procedure
• This procedure provides a mechanism to enforce existing safety rules and Waymer Field rules, providing for disciplinary actions as needed
• Most complaints and violations can be resolved informally
• For serious violations that are not resolved informally, any member may submit an AMA Grievance Report to the Safety Officer. The Grievance Report requires one witness in addition to the member who files the report
B Disciplinary Actions
• The Safety Officer will review the grievance and discuss the matter with the complainant and the accused
• If the Safety Officer is not satisfied the issue is resolved, the Safety Officer will pass the Grievance form to the Board of Directors for further action
• The Board of Directors will use its judgment in carrying out a corrective action, ranging from verbal warning up to expulsion from MCLS
C Safety Violation Enforcement
• The Board of Directors may invalidate the MCLS membership of an active member for:
▫ willful violation of AMA safety rules or Waymer Field rules
▫ Any acts of commission or omission detrimental to the goals of AMA, MCP&R, or MCLS
• Active members may, by a two-thirds (2/3) majority vote, also invalidate the MCLS membership of an active member for the reasons above
• Members / Board of Directors will use the AMA grievance forms to document reported violations
• Reinstatement: any member who has been expelled from the club may be reinstated by a two-thirds (2/3) majority vote of the active members, upon receipt of a documented request for reinstatement