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Metrolina  Control  Line Society 
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Flying Control Line Since  1981

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November Club Meeting at home Field of Watt Moore  .Lunch was beef stew and cornbread, flew before and after meeting ,great weather 

Howard Shenton’s plane  is in photo .

MCLS Members    :

Will Davis, Don Jenkins, Max Flowe, James Duckworth, Scott Seiler, Trevor Sayer , Gerry Glier, Graham Webster, Stan Powell, Fred Brigeman, Kermit Payne, David Green, David Nyce, Wayne Robinson ,Jo Shoemaker, Mike Londke ,Everette Shoemaker, Sonny Williams , Watt Moore , Howard Shenton, John Uchima , Larry Hillier .


The Next meeting will be the After Christmas party Jan 7   Hillbilly’s BBQ in Gastonia NC Meet at 2:00 . More details to follow 




         Will Davis


 Flying:  We fly at David B Waymer field in Huntersville NC   

 Social Media :     Facebook pages that might be of interest to control line flyers below

Metrolina Control line Society 
• PAMPA control line 
Control Line flying  
• Brodak Hobby and Video 

Contest Season :     I updated the list of  control line events in the southeast  . If your organization has a control line event scheduled ,  let me know and I will add it to our web site. 


The Precision Aerobatics Model Pilots Association, Inc. (PAMPA) is recognized by the Academy of Model Aeronautics (AMA) as a Special Interest Group (SIG) representing Control Line Precision Aerobatics (CLPA) enthusiasts on a national and international basis.

The mission of PAMPA is to promote and improve control line precision aerobatics events.

 The PAMPA web site has many digital articles available for download, pictures, District/Regional contact  information 

The current PAMPA President is Mark Weiss  , District 4 Rep is Scott Richlen , District 5 Rep is Derek Barry .  

PAMPA turns 50   PAMPA , the SIG for AMA representing precision aerobatics turns 50 at the 2023 NATS   . A special event is planned including a Banquet  special flying and display of historic models . Join us in Muncie Indiana for this  special event , 

For information on PAMPA membership go to 



If you want to meet at the Huntersville field , get in touch with Don Jenkins , Will Davis or Max Flow to arrange someone to fly with  . 

Will Davis
 MCLS President 


Metrolina Control Line Society Meeting Minutes from 19November 2022

Metrolina Control Line Society (MCLS) held their regular monthly meeting at the home and flying field of Watt Moore, in Chester, SC.  Watt got in a flight via the “flying chair”, and Larry Hilliard, Trevor Sayer, and Will Davis got in many flights on a beautiful November afternoon.  Don Jenkins, Wayne Robinson, and James Duckworth were also present to enjoy Will’s famous “mystery meat” stew and corn bread for lunch.

The meeting was brought to order at 2:00 PM.  

Financial Report:

The club had a successful 40th Anniversary contest, and after it was all paid for, the club remains financially stable and has the funds available to support the 2023 contest season. The meeting minutes from our meeting in September were read and approved by those in attendance.

President’s Report:  

1. We lost Howard Shenton.  He battled health issues for an extended period, and he is now at rest.  His family is doing as well as expected during this difficult time, so keep them in your thoughts and prayers. 
2. If you fly at Waymer Field, purchase a Park Pass to support our only flying site.  PAMPA will be celebrating their 50thAnniversary next year, so join PAMPA to support our hobby!

Old Business:

1. The MCLS 40th Anniversary Contest was a success, and we had a great turn out.

New Business:

1. Mark Weiss is looking into holding a Southeast Regional Contest possible at Triple Tree  , a fall date is planned for proposal to TTA .  More to follow.
2. MCLS will have their “After Christmas Party” on Saturday, 7 January at 2:00 PM at the Hillbillies BBQ Restaurant in Gastonia, NC.
3. The well-being of our club members continues to be a top priority, so keep Sonny Williams and his wife Pat, Watt Moore, and James Duckworth, in your thoughts and prayers for improved health.
4. The next club meeting will be held following our meal at Hillbillies BBQ.

The meeting was adjourned at 2:55 PM.


Don Jenkins

Secretary and Treasurer



Scott Seiler flew a Brodak SV-11 ARF , Bad Ass 3515  with Igor Burger Active timer / Spin66 esc . It uses a APC 12/6 f2b prop and Thunder power 2800 6S battery  , This flight was his first time flying the model that belongs to Will Davis  and first official flight in contest


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Contest and Events 



        ••••••   2023 contest Season   ••••••  


•••• 2023 Vintage Stunt Championships

Dates .. Wed March 15 thru Sat March 18, 2023. 

Same events as last several years:
•   Old Time Stunt
•   Ignition Old Time Stunt
•   Ringmaster Old Time Stunt
•   Exhibition Event
•   Classic Stunt
•   Super 70’s Stunt
•   Raffle

Same site as always:  Christopher Columbus Park, Silverbell Rd.  Tucson Az. 


•   July 9-14 – Control Line – Site 1


KOI / Southeast Championships   .  Date to be announced 



Oct 7 and 8 …..Ringmaster Fly a thon   




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       ISOC   International Stunt of Champions