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Metrolina  Control  Line Society


AMA Club # 1811     

Flying Control Line Since  1981

MCLS Members    :

Will Davis, Don Jenkins, Max Flowe, James Duckworth, Scott Seiler, Trevor Sayer , Gerry Glier, Graham Webster, Stan Powell, Fred Brigeman, Kermit Payne, David Green, David Nyce, Wayne Robinson ,Jo Shoemaker ,Everette Shoemaker


Updated  July 1 


Grand  opening  and ribbon cutting of Brodak Tower 1 Aviation Museum   ,,Buzz Brodak doing the honors .




The Next Meeting for MCLS  will be  Saturday July 23 2022 2:00 pm .at the home of Watt Moore  . Flying  in the morning , We will eat at  noon ,  fly some before meeting at 2:00   grass field . 




Will Davis


Brodak fly in was well attended with above average turnout and we had a great week in Buzz Brodak’s  back yard.   

If you want to meet at the field , get in touch with Don Jenkins , Will Davis or Max Flow to arrange someone to fly with .

                    Brodak’s 2022  


Joe And Colleen Gilbert with The Brodak Cup . Joe won Expert PA with his classic Cavalier 

          Gary Lutz , Joe Adamusko and Craig           Gunder  winner of Pilots Choice Award 


         Don Jenkins and his N-30 Vector

Scott Seiler   Don Jenkins and Robert Storick 

Craig Gunder launches John Simpson’s Cavalier

        Roger Altizer and his OTS Humongus 


Cavaliers at Brodak … Bruce Jennings , John Simpson , Joe Gilbert , Craig Gunder ,


Social Media
:     Facebook pages that might be of interest to control line flyers  include , Metrolina Control line Society , Pampa control line , Control Line flying . 

Contest Season :     I updated the list of  control line events in the southeast  . If your organization has a control line event scheduled ,  let me know and I will add it to our web site. 


The Precision Aerobatics Model Pilots Association (PAMPA) is a Special Interest Group (SIG) of the Academy of Model Aeronautics.   

The mission of PAMPA is to promote and improve control line precision aerobatics events.


             Latest issue of PAMPA Stunt News  

 The PAMPA web site has many digital articles available for download, pictures, District/Regional contact  information . 


The current PAMPA President is Mark Weiss  , District 4 Rep is Scott Richlen , District 5 Rep is Derek Barry .  

If you need contact numbers  for PAMPA , I can provide you with information  . My cell is  704 860 1079 , leave message . 

For information on PAMPA membership go to   pampacl.org 

MCLS Meeting:     

The Next Meeting for MCLS  will be  Saturday July 25 2022 2:00 pm . The meeting will be at the  home and flying field of Watt Moore in Chester SC 





Pic 1992  
Will Davis
 MCLS President 


Metrolina Control Line Society Meeting Minutes from 25 June 2022

Metrolina Control Line Society (MCLS) held their regular monthly meeting via Zoom.  The following were in attendance:  Will Davis, DonJenkins, Wayne Robinson, James Duckworth, iand Fred Brigeman.  

The meeting was brought to order at 2:02 PM.  

Financial Report:

The club remains financially stable and has the funds available to supportthe 2022 contest season and beyond.  The meeting minutes from our last meeting in April were read and approved by those in attendance.  

President’s Report:  

1. If you fly at Waymer Field, purchase a Park Pass to support our only flying site.  Mark Weiss is now the PAMPA president so join PAMPA to support our hobby.
2. The Brodak Fly-In was a great time and a better turn out this year, 114 pilots versus 109 from 2019.
3. The following contests are currently scheduled:
US Nationals: July 17 thru 23.
Canton, GA: September 16-18.
MCLS 40th Anniversary: October 14 thru 16.
King Orange: October 21 thru 23.

Old Business:

1. The MCLS 40th Anniversary contest is still scheduled for October 14, 15 and 16.  Line wrapping jigs for first place trophies in stunt are on order, sandwiches, snacks, and drinks will be available on Saturday, and a Banquette will be held Saturday night at a local BBQ restaurant.

New Business:

1. Field maintenance will be required to support the October contest.  Specifically, clearing weeds from both asphalt circles, filling the larger cracks with sand, and treating for fire ants.  The portable johnmust also be relocated.
2. James Duckworth’s grandson, Kyle Anderson, is now in Army Basic Training at Fort Jackson!  Let’s all wish him well in his new career!
3. The next club meeting will be held at 2:00 PM, Saturday 23 July at Watt Moore’s home/flying field.

The meeting was adjourned at 2:39 PM.


Don Jenkins

Secretary and Treasurer





 2022 Contest Season 

•••••  July 9   Philly Flyers  


•••••••••••     July   AMA  Nationals ••••••••

RC and Control Line (CL) Scale: July 15-17 

CL Navy Carrier, Precision Aerobatics (Stunt), Racing, Combat, and Speed: July 17-23 

•••••    August  13-14  Jim Coll 

•••••     Sept 16, 17 &18 Canton, GA.  

•••••    Sept 24. NVCL Stuntfest

•••••     Sept 30 to Oct 8   Nall in the fall   Triple Tree Aerodrome    No contest   Fun fly only 

•••••    Oct 14,15,16  Huntersville NC   40 th Anniversary Contest . Stunt , combat , carrier 

•••••    Oct 21 22  23 … KOI   Florida   Wayne Smith , Mike Waldron  

•••••     Nov 4,5 and 6  Las Vegas stunt challenge

       ISOC   International Stunt of Champions