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Club meeting : 

MCLS next club meeting will be  2:00 pm Saturday Nov 28  We will meet  thru Zoom .

AMA Chartered  Club # 1811 

Updated Nov 26





Club meeting : 

MCLS next club meeting will be  2:00 pm Saturday Nov 28  We will send out the invite thru Zoom  for people to attend .                      

MCLS Club Meeting 

Metrolina Control Line Society Meeting Minutes from October 2020

Metrolina Control Line Society (MCLS) held their regular monthly meeting at the Perry International Airport and via ZOOM. Wayne Robison and Jim Storia gave tours of Jim’s hangar and shop which is filled with an incredible collection of full-scale planes and gliders, RC planes and gliders, outboard motors, a beautifully restored boat, and 1966 GTO. Will Davis, Don Jenkins, Max Flowe, Mike Linder and Bob Zambelli got in a number of flights at the beautiful facility during perfect weather.  Then we had a gourmet lunch at the cookout building with grilled hotdogs, curtesy of Wayne Robinson, and a terrific pot roast and corn bread crafted by Will Davis.  

The following were present at the meeting: Will Davis, Don Jenkins, Max Flowe, Wayne Robinson, Jim Storia and via ZOOM was Watt Moore and James Duckworth.

The meeting was brought to order at 2:02 PM.  

Financial Report:

The club remains financially stable and has the funds available to support the 2021 contest season and beyond.  The meeting minutes from September were read and approved by those present.

President’s Report:

1. The Brodak Hobby Shop is doing well, and sales are nearly double this year compared to 2019.
2. There are no changes to management personnel on the WACAMA board.
3. To keep our control line hobby alive, join PAMPA and get a Waymer Flying Field Pass!
4. Club member wellness continues to be of concern, so keep Howard Shenton, James Duckworth, Watt Moore, Sonny and Pat Williams and Buz Brodak in your thoughts and prayers.

Old Business:

1. Field maintenance is still required, including fire ant control, weeds on paved circles, tree trimming and grass circle repairs

New Business:

1. The MCLS contest in October of 2021 will be the 40thanniversary.  We have already acquired 5 new combat planes for awards for combat competition, but we need to come up with some ideas for special awards for the remaining competition categories.  We have also decided to create special addition hats to be sold at the contest, and Mama’s Deli will be used to cater lunch on Saturday.
2. The May 2021 contest will not occur, but in its place MCLS will sponsor a one-day Fun Fly/Swap Meet at Watt Moore’s Flying Field in Chester, SC on 21 March.  This will also be Watt’s Birthday celebration, so mark your calendars and plan to attend!
3. The next MCLS meeting will be 28 November thru zoom. 

The meeting was adjourned at 2:48 PM.


Don Jenkins

Secretary and Treasurer


Club News :

MCLS celebrates the club anniversary  during our October contest  every 5 years.  The 40 th anniversary event  will be October 2021. Make plans to attend this special event . 

MCLS information  is available on the Club History Link on home page .


David B Waymer field is open to all park pass holders . The gate is to remain locked at all times to help enforce  capacity limits on social gathering . Please close the gate and install lock  after entering the park .

“Keep on Keeping on”

Will Davis
MCLS President                   

                   Quote of the Day   

                        “Never Give Up “

Rusty Knowlton. On a phone call to Will Davis        April  2019


               The 2021contest schedule. 







March 20 ..Fun Fly and swap meet at Watt More’s home field 

• May 7-14 …Joe Nall Week.
Thursday May 12 ……Stunt Camp 
Friday  May 13. ……….OTS , Classic, Profile
Saturday. May 14 …… Pampa Skill Classes 

• May
 22 & 23   ….Eastern Shore Maryland.   Jack Rosemere CD Saturday OTS , profile. , Sunday PAMPA Classes 

• June 20 – 26 …AMA Nationals Muncie Indiana   

• August 14 &15…..Jim Coll contest .

• Canton Georgia stunt Contest  August??

•  Oct 2-8 ….Nall in the Fall   

• October.    Ringmaster fly a Thon 

•  October 15,16 &17  …..MCLS 40 th Anniversary Contest …Stunt . (Pa, OTS , n-30 profile ) Combat, Carrier and Banquet Sat Night  

=====================================           .       “In the Workshop”

X1 from James Duckworth 


Connor  and Wesley with rubber powered models 

Gerry Glier at 2020 Nats 

Steve Fitton’s new Staris ,PA 75 powered 


Don Jenkins new PA 75  powered stunter

Don’s electric Vector is trimmed and ready for Competion in N-30

Mike Waldron and his  grandson Bryce Waldron pose with Mike’s Yatsenko Shark , Mike has been burning the electrons lately and really likes  the model .


      Card stock Zero from James Duckworth 


Will ‘s repair work on Dave Hemstrought’s Model  from the 80’s  This is the Last Pt 19  built by Dave. Touch up and blend paint repairs   Not a total repaint job. , Conversion to electric is complete .  


      BT 13 card stock  by   Duck



Me 109 by Duck 

Fred Brigeman and Will Davis at Winston Salem Hobby Park  . The Pathfinder is a electric conversion scratch built model by Fred

Brodak arrowind 2826-06  850 kv motor.  kr timer. 3200 4 cell battery 12/6 apc prop
Conversion done   Ready to test fly , then we will put some trim on to make the school bus look go away 


Tom Weedman’s  Merco 61 powered Thunderbird 


Bill Landstra built this Brodak ME 109 with Brodak 40 for power

Dick Carville built this original 0-2-M  ( one too many ) for PA  , well finished front row model 

         Don Ogren and his  Electric Genesis

MCLS member Scott Seiler’s Christen Eagle 


Duck built this card stock Spirit of St Louis 

Max Flow and his Electric Brodak Vector  ..cobra 2826/12 motor , hubin timer , castle esc  ice lite  50 , 4 cell battery 3200 

Rusty after a rough landing with the Mike Garmon Magnum  OSMax ax 55

Rusty Knowlton’s “Refried Bean”  A  retro combat  modified  Carl Goldberg Lil Jumping Bean 

Wayne Robinson’s  Schweizer SGS 1-26D  .The  picture was taken May 7 right after  4 hour cross country flight    Wayne recently restored   this vintage sail plane 

          Wayne enjoying silent flight

    Flight Over Wagoner South Carolina 

Watt a Moore’s new OS 35 s powered me 109 

A few of the recent build flite streaks from the shop of Watt Moore . Some will be donated as prizes at AMA Nats Beginner awards 

Brodak Galaxy and Fancy Pants by Watt Moore   

  Will Davis Max Bee  for 2020 NATS  Igor Burger design for electric F2B 


Mike Lonke is building a Brodak Galaxy for profile and N-30 in

Sonny Williams took a break from  building Models to install the custom made Cut Glass incert  into a existing door, Only a true modeler and Expert woodworker could pull this off. Nice work Sonny.

Mike Londke Free flight ROG Model


Duck is building a fleet of cardstock model airplanes, Latest addition is a Scale sail plane . Wayne Robinson owned the same  full scale version some years ago  .

The 54 was added after the pic was taken  

Everett Shoemaker is building a Twin Engine German bomber for Scale competition. 

                  “The Mo You Know “

If you don’t keep up with space stuff the following is some info of interest.
The US, corporate and military, has over 1000 satellites in space, The military alone has over 200 military defense satellites. US is in a panic race with Russia and China in the space race. Of interest, China recently destroyed one of it’ s outdated satellites via laser fired from one of it’s orbiting satellites. Russia recently released three smaller satellites from one orbiting satellite and then controlled and maneuvered the three little ones close to one of our military satellites.  US Space Force registered a complaint to Russia and the three littler ones were repositioned  away from our defense satellite. Practically everything we do today is either controlled or monitored from orbiting satellites.
As man and humanity has advanced over thousands of years conflict has always followed  It’s only a matter of time in the space race. Many people including officials in government laughed and snickered when Trump announced the Space Force, but in reality the Space Force is vital ally important to our way of life and our defense.
Sonny Willians 
 “The mo you know “

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