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Updated June 4


Canceled Events 

•Brodak Fly In… June 12-20 .. 

RDRC vintage meet June 20 is canceled 

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 Our next meeting of MCLS will be thru Zoom. June 27.  2:00 pm  .  The invitation with instructions will be e/mailed to members .




Will Davis

MCLS President

May 2020  

NATS  News : 

The Control line NATS  Stunt Events decision for go or no go will be made by June 10. All registration fees will be refunded if  cancelled . 

 Club News :

The Huntersville  flying site is open to members of Wacama .

For more information go to

MCLS celebrates the club charter  anniversary  during our October contest  The next anniversary event is October 2021.

MCLS information  is available on the Club History Link on home page .

WACAMA NEWS: from Anthony 

I think the decision to reopen the parks is a good decision that was made with caution and resides with the public health experts and not the economic experts. With more than 26 million Americans out of work due to business disruptions related to the coronavirus outbreak, we need places to go and something to free our minds of the problems of the World.

You’re the best group ever and I want to thank all of you for your patience, with that said the park has reopened and the lock has been changed back, enjoy the park but remember to keep your social distance, one person to a bench.
Park and Rec have reopened the Parking lot. Social distancing is still a must I encouraged you not to stand closer than 6 feet from one another or in groups greater than 10. Let’s protect our Park privilege our fellow flyers and use good judgment while at the field. Please lock the gate behind you when entering or leaving. Stay safe have fun and keep your plane in the sky.

Thank you,

Anthony E. Durrah
President WACAMA


Metrolina Control Line Society Meeting Minutes from 22May 2020

Metrolina Control Line Society (MCLS) held their regular monthly meeting via ZOOM so as to abide by the current CDC guidance for Social Distancing during the COVID-19 Pandemic.   

The following were present: Will Davis, Don Jenkins, Max Flowe, Watt Moore, Jeanna Mills, James and Betty Duckworth,Wayne Robinson, Jim Stoia, Stan Powell and Fred Brigeman.

The meeting was brought to order at 2:02 PM.  

Financial Report:

The club remains financially stable and has the funds available to support the 2020 contest season and beyond.  The meeting minutes from February were read and a motion was made to approve them.

President’s Report:

1. It has been a sad past few weeks as we have lost some of our fellow modelers, fliers and dear friends.  Our prayers and thoughts go out to the families of John Brodak, Bob Shaw and Jerry Haupt.  May you all rest in peace.

2. The Nationals for Control Line Stunt looks like it will happen as scheduled in July, and 10 June is the cut off for Cancelation .
3. The Vintage Fly-In at the Raleigh-Durham RC Field scheduled for 20 June 2020. Has been canceled and rescheduled for Oct 3 
4. The WACAMA meeting concluded repairs were needed tothe upper grass circle and it will be scheduled for completion.  Also, the RC Helicopter fliers want to use the upper grass circle.  We have contacted AMA to check on flight line rules. The leadership of MCLS  position is all Radio Control flying has to be done forward of the pilot stations .

Old Business:

1. The Brodak Fly-In has been cancelled.
2. The Canton Georgia Contest is still planned to happen 21-23 August.
3. October has a full schedule with Nall in the Fall 3-10, Huntersville Contest 16-18, and KOI 23-25.

New Business:

1. We currently intend to hold our contest in October, and in 2021 it will be the 40th Anniversary of MCLS.
2. Howard Shenton is still struggling with health issues and could use some cheering up, so give him a call if you can.
3. Will Davis got in his first few flights on his new E-Powered Max Bee.
4. Wayne Robinson is planning a gathering for some flying and fellowship in Wagner, SC probably in July sometime.  When the date firms up, we will get the word out.
5. The Annual July MCLS Cook Out at James Duckworth’s Museum and Flying Field has been cancelled.
6. The next club meeting will be via ZOOM, and Will Davis will send out the invites.

The meeting was adjourned at 3:08 PM.


Don Jenkins

Secretary and Treasurer


                 • 2020 Events •


AUGUST 21, 22, 23, 2020

The 2020 contest schedule for now looks like this:
AMA Nationals, July
Canton GA, August 21.22.23
Nall in the Fall, October 3-10 
Huntersville Contest, October 16-18
KOI, October 23-25



By:  T Michael Jennings

Builders, Pilots, and Crashers,

He lives in Lake Wylie, SC, that is Don Jenkins.  He serves as the Secretary/Treasurer for the Metrolina Control Line Society which is in Huntersville, NC.  Don returned to the hobby after a 40-year sabbatical.  Welcome back Don.

His practice goal is twice a week, depending on weather.  Likes to get in 3-4 flights on the same aircraft.  He uses a hard point handle and flies the full AMA pattern as he is in a contest.  Don like many pilots, practices alone and uses a stooge.  When preparing for a contest, he records the practice flights with his I-Pad.  Some times Ed Ruane provides coaching feedback on these flights.  At contest, he flies PAMPA Advance.  With his Oriental Profile he plans to enter Profile and N-30.

Don writes about his aircraft:

Vertigo:  The last plane I built was my own design I called the Vertigo.  It had a 60-inch wingspan, about 620 square inches, and was powered with a Stalker.61.  It weighed 62.5 ounces and was finished with dope and silk-span with one coat of Shop Line automotive two-part urethane.  I estimate it took between 400 and 500 hours of work to complete.  The only trimming necessary was a minor tweak of the outboard trim tab to level the wings, then it took about 20 flights to determine the best line length, prop, fuel and engine speed.  The end results were 64-foot lines, a 13 X 5 Xoar prop, 5% nitro, and launching at 8200 RPM.  I only flew it in one contest and won PAMPA Advanced at Paducah, Kentucky this August 2017, but then sadly destroyed it along with the engine a few days later while practicing.

Scorpio:  Until I build another .60 size plane, I’ll be flying my backup, which is a smaller version of the Vertigo, I call it Scorpio.  It has a 53-inch wingspan, about 500 square inches, and is powered by an OS Max .46 LA.  It weighs 52 ounces and has an all dope finish.  This plane flew well right away and really no adjustments have been made other than props and engine speed.  I guess I got lucky such that all the warps and misalignments cancelled each other out!

Oriental:  I also recently built an Oriental Profile from a Brodak kit and its finished with silk-span and dope with one coat of automotive two-part urethane clear.  It weighs 43 ounces and is powered with an OS Max .35 Stunt.  This plane actually flies quite well when I get an infrequent good engine run.  I haven’t given up yet; I’m still tinkering with tanks, fuels, props, etc.

During his spare time, he is a bass fisherman, pool shooter and does landscaping/yard work.  He and wife Kerri visit the gym and volunteers at church as well as running a Bible Study.

Don served 33 years active duty in the Navy.  All of it is in the Nuclear Propulsion Program.  Fourteen years was as an enlisted sailor on Nuclear Submarine and Instructor Duty at land based Nuclear Prototypes.  Then he received his commission via the Limited Duty Officer Program. 

Don, thanks for your service to our country.

T Michael’s Testimonial: 

          If God had intended us to fly, he would have made it easier to get to the airport.

T Michael Jennings                

Don Jenkins beautiful finished Scorpio sets among the clover flowers and petals.  Its wing area is 500 square inches, weighs 52 ounces, and has an OS Max LA 46 power plant.  (Jennings photo)

Don Jenkins working on the Scorpio prior to flying at the 2015 Brodak Contest.  (Jennings photo)

This Vertigo won advanced at the 2017 Paducah Contest.  Shortly afterward the aircraft and engine met mother earth which destroyed the aircraft and engine.  


        “In the Workshop”


      BT 13 card stock  by   Duck

Me 109 by Duck 

Fred Brigeman and Will Davis at Winston Salem Hobby Park  . The Pathfinder is a electric conversion scratch built model by Fred

Brodak arrowind 2826-06  850 kv motor.  kr timer. 3200 4 cell battery 12/6 apc prop
Conversion done   Ready to test fly , then we will put some trim on to make the school bus look go away 


Tom Weedman’s  Merco 61 powered Thunderbird 


Bill Landstra built this Brodak ME 109 with Brodak 40 for power

Dick Carville built this original 0-2-M  ( one too many ) for PA  , well finished front row model 

         Don Ogren and his  Electric Genesis

MCLS member Scott Seiler’s Christen Eagle 

Duck built this card stock Spirit of St Louis 

Max Flow and his Electric Brodak Vector  ..cobra 2826/12 motor , hubin timer , castle esc  ice lite  50 , 4 cell battery 3200 

Rusty after a rough landing with the Mike Garmon Magnum  OSMax ax 55

Rusty Knowlton’s “Refried Bean”  A  retro combat  modified  Carl Goldberg Lil Jumping Bean 

Wayne Robinson’s  Schweizer SGS 1-26D  .The  picture was taken May 7 right after  4 hour cross country flight    Wayne recently restored   this vintage sail plane 

          Wayne enjoying silent flight

    Flight Over Wagoner South Carolina 

Watt a Moore’s new OS 35 s powered me 109 

A few of the recent build flite streaks from the shop of Watt Moore . Some will be donated as prizes at AMA Nats Beginner awards 

Brodak Galaxy and Fancy Pants by Watt Moore   

  Will Davis Max Bee  for 2020 NATS  Igor Burger design for electric F2B 

Mike Lonke is building a Brodak Galaxy for profile and N-30

Sonny Williams took a break from  building Models to install the custom made Cut Glass incert  into a existing door, Only a true modeler and Expert woodworker could pull this off. Nice work Sonny.

Mike Londke Free flight ROG Model

Don Jenkins new electric n-30 legal Vector is ready for clear 

Duck is building a fleet of cardstock model airplanes, Latest addition is a Scale sail plane . Wayne Robinson owned the same  full scale version some years ago  .

Everett Shoemaker is building a Twin Engine German bomber for Scale competition.