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Huntersville Contest Oct 2019



Upcoming Events 


  1. Nov 9 and 10 ..RDRC fun fly Raleigh NC 
  2. Nov 23.  Club meeting at Watt Mooreโ€™s home


1/2 A Day 




Will Davis
MCLS President

Next  MCLS Monthly Meeting meeting Sat Nov 23 at the home of Watt Moore in Chester SC , We will fly , then break for lunch at noon  fly some Before the meeting at 2:00. 

Beef stew  , cornbread , Mexican cornbread and desert will be served . If there is something  extra you want to bring , feel free bring it .


       Rusty and Tom Luciano At Huntersville     โ€”โ€”โ€”โ€”โ€”โ€”โ€”โ€”โ€”โ€”โ€”โ€”โ€”โ€”

โ€œ                   โ€œRusty Nail โ€œ.  News :    

Rusty Knowlton is recovering from his recent hip surgety Rusty plans to be at the November Club meeting at Wattโ€™s. He is b looking forward to putting in a few flights to get back to flying 

James Duckworth had a kidney stone  over the Contest weekend  , He had surgery on Saturday and came by the field for a short visit on Sunday  . 

     Dan Banjok and Duck at the Contest 

Charlie Reeves , 2019 receipt to of the MCLS Masters Circle award . The award is presented to the modeler that best represents our events with Outstanding Building , finishing , designing and flying control line airplanes . This includes organizing contest , competing in  local and  National competitions 

Dan Banjok at the after contest cookout at Watt Mooreโ€™s home .Dan won the Huntersville Pilots Choice award with the Raven.

          A short video of the contest

Sonny’s 1/2 A Peanut

1/2 a Winners  Sonny Williams , Ed Ruane, Jo Shoemaker and Wesley Smith

Jo and Everette Shoemaker let Wesley Smith fly their Snark , After Wesley flew .   they gave the model to Wesley  ,, Wesley was so excited he carried it around all day , Thank you Jo and Everette  



James Duckwotth 

Don Jenkins

Wesley Smith


Max Flowe and his 1/2 A Jumping Bean  stunt model  great flyer…


Metrolina  Control Line Society Meeting minutes.  Sept  28 September 2019

Metrolina Control Line Society (MCLS) held their regular monthly meeting at Waymer Flying Field in Huntersville, NC.  The weather was perfect for Half A day, and a number of successful flights were put up with these tiny planes, while enjoying a couple of large pizzas for lunch.

The following were present: Will Davis, Westley Smith, James Duckworth, Sonny Williams, Don Jenkins, Everette and Jo Shoemaker, Ed Ruane, Max Flowe and Howard Shenton.      

The meeting was brought to order at 2:06 PM.  

Financial Report:

The club remains financially stable and has the funds available to support the 2019 contest season and beyond.  The meeting minutes from August were read and approved by those in attendance.

Presidentโ€™s Report:

1. King Orange International in Florida was a great venue and was supported by MCLS members, Will Davis, James Duckworth, Bob Zambelli and Don Jenkins.  This is a really nice event with nearly perfect grass circles, fellowship and lots of hot meals.  Put it on your Bucket List!
2. Nall in the Fall at the Triple Tree Aerodrome is 27 September to 5 October.  The Ringmaster Fly-a-thon is also on 5 October so bring your Ringmasters to Triple Tree!
3. The next MCLS meeting will be held on October 20th, following the Carolina Criterium Contest at Waymer Flying Field on the 18th, 19th and 20th.
4. The WACAMA Board held a meeting and agreed to install a new awning at the field and to obtain new locks and keys for the gate.


5. MCLS is considering changing the scoring of our contests to a combined score vice a single high score of the two official flights.  This method rewards consistency and requires pilots who want to be competitive to get in both flights even in less than desirable conditions.  Let us know your thoughts.  

Old Business:

1. The next MCLS contest is the Carolina Criterium 18-20 October 2019 at Waymer Field, and all materials are on hand for the trophies. Items being tracked include:
a. Field mowing and fire ant control (Max Flowe and Will Davis).
b. Additional Porta Jons (Max Flowe).
c. We still need judges and there will be a Judging Clinic
d. Sandwiches from Mamaโ€™s Deli (Don Jenkins).
e. Chips, drinks, snacks (Will Davis).
f. The recipient for the Carolina Spirit Award is chosen.
g. The recipient for the Master Circle Award is still undecided.
h. Advertising at the entrance to the field.

New Business:

1. The November MCLS meeting will be held at Watt Mooreโ€™s home/field.
2. The MCLS annual Christmas party will be held on January 11, 2020.
3. Everette and Jo Shoemaker are going to be Grand Parents!
4. Half A Day results:
a. Best Appearance:  Sonny Williams with his โ€œPeanutโ€ Biplane
b. Best Flight:  Ed Ruane performing a successful loop with a scale Aeronca Sedan
c. Best Technical Achievement:  Wesley Smith with a great flight with his โ€œSnarkโ€
d. Best Scale:  Jo Shoemaker with her meticulously crafted Stuka

The meeting was adjourned at 2:31 PM.


Don Jenkins

Secretary and Treasurer


Don Jenkins new Classic plane  is a Randy Smith Vector , in the paint process now, before details and clear 



Shop News

Dooling 29   By Sonny Williams 


      Just a bit of history about the Dooling 29. In my opinion and most avid speed flyers in the day; the Dooling 29 changed Speed forever. The D 29 was a really good speed engine right out of the box and at affordable price. Any Joe Blow could build a reasonably good model and drop a D 29 in it and could clock 115 to 118 MPH. This engine brought more flyers into the Speed ranks than any other engine.There wasn’t a whole lot that could be done to improve the engine. The timing could be changes a LITTLE bit. Most who tried screwed up the timing and ruined the engine.The best improvement that I found was changing the intake rotor. I did that and also installed a bearing in the rotor. Very close tolerance, but reduced the drag on the rotor. The stock connecting rod was soft aluminum and did not last long. Also, being mass produced all were not the same.I used to order five at a time. Out of five there usually would be a couple really good ones. I later had a brass bushing install led in the crank end of the rod. It was my experience that the D 29 performed best with extra oil. I ran 30% oil with 40% niitro methane, sometimes depending on weather I upped nitro  to 45%. That’s what I was ruining on record run (134.21 MPH  1954 .
Just thought you would appreciate a little history.
Sonny Williams 

MCLS members workshop

Don Jenkins has a N/30 Vector electric powered In the painting stages , 

Max Flowe has a electric Vector  ARF with several trim flights  . It is a 4 cell  3200 setup , Cobra 2826/12 motor  , Castle  ice lite 50 esc and hubin  timer . 12/6 apc prop . Bulletproof  reliable system, very repeatable..

Rusty is building a all balsa  version of the cox viper and  is back on his Cardinal profile  with  la 46 .

Watt Moore continues his building spree from his shop  ..this year he built 3 new models to be given away at the 2019 AMA nationals . The up and coming Juniors that compete get a chance to own one of his outstanding  models when they accept their awards .

 Freddie Wilson with his Watt Moore built Brodak Cub   at the AMA Nats

Bryce Scott with his Watt Moore  built Brodak Mustang  at the AMA Nats

Mike Scottโ€™s grandkids are the receipants of Watt Mooreโ€™s  models 

AMA national champ in Mouse Racing   Sam Londke  with Bob Whitney 

                 Huntersville  results May 2019